Who Is Luis Felber? An Interview With Lena Dunham's Husband

Who Is Luis Felber? An Interview With Lena Dunham’s Husband

Luis Felber and Lena Dunham are in appreciate. The pair has created no top secret of this actuality on their Instagram accounts in recent months. And now they are married.

Requested when he realized he wished to marry Ms. Dunham, Mr. Felber responded on Monday by means of e mail: “There were tons of times, there are plenty of moments and there will be plenty of moments. I’m not living in a Disney film wherever you are certain about who you want to commit the relaxation of your existence with in a single moment. Time is fluid and when you know, you know. I like my spouse, who is also my greatest buddy.”

So who is Luis Felber?

Born in Winchester, England, to a Peruvian mom and a British father, Mr. Felber expended his earliest several years in Peru and Chile just before relocating back again to Britain at age 7. At 17, he skipped university and started pursuing a vocation in music, actively playing guitar with quite a few diverse bands.

Lately, Mr. Felber, 35, has been recording and accomplishing under the title Attawalpa (his center name, right after the 16th-century Incan ruler Atahualpa). On Oct. 13, he’ll launch a new single, “Peter Gabriel’s Desire.”

Under is an interview, edited for clarity, carried out with Mr. Felber around Zoom in early September.

So how did you and Lena satisfy?

It was a blind date. A mutual buddy of ours basically set us up. The to start with time we hung out, we did not quit chatting for, like, 8 hours.

Wherever did you go?

Just about central London simply because everything was shut down.

So you are walking together the streets, along the Thames?

Yeah and I assume it was type of unbelievable, you know, I walked into that. I’d been on fairly a couple dates in the earlier year. As anyone who’s really open, I find you hold a great deal back again on your to start with a few dates. Or to start with 10 dates. I was just a bit fed up with that, so I just walked into the problem quite myself, shall I say. And Lena preferred that. And she’s the very same.

Is it honest to say that your relationship seemed to get really rigorous genuinely quickly? Or is that just our effect via Instagram?

Yeah, I suggest, explain “intense.”

It feels like you’re both of those incredibly passionate about each other, that you are both extremely significantly in appreciate, and that it occurred incredibly promptly.

I consider when you know, you know. I have only been alive for 35 several years in this lifetime, and I consider it’s another archaic thing for men to disguise their inner thoughts. I’m way a lot more into the movement of acquiring to know the individual. And I think Lena’s the very same, and I assume — I’m likely to seem cheesy — but when you obtain your soul mate, you just know.

She’s quite open about you on Instagram. How does that make you feel?

It is incredibly shifting. I’m still receiving employed to being revealed that type of enjoy by an individual else. I’ve in no way shut her down, or anybody down for that. It’s beautiful that she expresses herself and I love currently being on the other finish of it.

How do you like dwelling alongside one another?

It’s fantastic, we have been living alongside one another for about four months now. We both equally do the job a great deal, and every early morning is a blessing. And every single evening, to be ready to go to bed with your ideal close friend and chat — we obtain it hard to go to snooze at a first rate hour. It is seldom eight hrs.

What variety of dates do you go on now?

Oh my. She comes to my gigs. Neither of us truly drink, but we go for long walks on the Heath, we see friends, we check out motion pictures, we just viewed the total of “BoJack Horseman.” I could be sitting at a bus end with her for 10 several hours and it would be the most effective day at any time.

How do your mom and dad like Lena?

They love her. My mum’s extremely shy, and she kind of builds boundaries. It is a safety issue, I assume from leaving a place when you’re very young, not understanding the language. I assume probably it is a barrier she’s had from childhood. I can kind of relate to that. But with Lena she was just, like, best good friends. She was really open about her thoughts and they just like each and every other. My dad as properly.

That’s the issue: The two me and Lena’s parents are however collectively, and I assume which is a excellent instance.

Lena’s dad and mom are artists: Her mother is the photographer Laurie Simmons and her father is the painter Carroll Dunham. Your mother is the painter Alma Laura. Would you say you and Lena are similar?

I believe we’ve obtained the identical references. We have been born in the very same year, less than a thirty day period apart, I think we have the very same perception of humor. I don’t know if we’re identical. Lena would be capable to answer that more.

Do you have any of your mother’s do the job in your household?

We’ve bought a few paintings of hers. They make me feel truly calm.

Lena directed the video for your song “Tucked In Restricted,” a appreciate track about your phone. What was it like doing the job with her?

It is the greatest — I enjoy staying directed by her. It is like our romantic relationship, it just form of flows. We don’t have any arguments. She’s clearly incredibly fantastic at what she does.

Had you heard of Lena in advance of you started courting or experienced you noticed her function?

No. Mum was a admirer of “Girls.” I don’t forget when I was touring in my 20s, my mum and my sister were viewing that show. But I by no means viewed it.

Have you observed it now?

I haven’t. But I’ve viewed her latest stuff. I viewed “Industry” when we first started relationship, and I scored her following film, “Sharp Stick,” which is out up coming calendar year. It is a seriously wonderful film.

When you’re an artist, you’re dwelling in the present, into the upcoming. You’re seeking for the following factor. Hunting back is a thing we shouldn’t seriously do way too much, to be ready to transfer forward with relieve.

But I will observe “Girls” 1 working day, to remedy your question. I can see what an impact it is experienced on people. I was at lunch with some outdated faculty friends and my friend’s sister was actually thrilled about Lena. I requested, “What did ‘Girls’ make you truly feel?” She said, “I really feel like it gave me a voice,” and that is wonderful. What a wonderful issue to hear about your spouse.

How would you describe your musical style to a person who hasn’t listened to it before?

If I’m sensation lazy, I say “alternative.” If I’m experience cocky, I’ll say it is in between Prince and Nirvana.

You’ve worked as a musician for much of your adult lifestyle. How did the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle fit you?

I basically toured a ton in my 20s, taking part in guitar for various bands. When you are on tour, you are fundamentally provided whichever you want. Alcohol and weed were being my main procedures of numbing. In the U.K., alcoholic beverages is thought of a regular matter to do on the weekends. But if your task involves taking part in every single night, you are given alcohol each and every night time. It is virtually like aspect of your position.

I wouldn’t say I’m sober, but I haven’t had a consume since November. I just consume when I truly feel like it. I simply call it “conscious drinking.” I by no means did A.A., but I started off treatment in 2017. Therapists would be like, you have to have to halt ingesting so you can listen to your thoughts, and I’d be like, no. That went on for about 6 months. And then I did a session of 5-component acupuncture, and I stopped ingesting for about a yr.

It’s variety of romanticized, isn’t it — musicians and alcohol.

Yeah, in my belief, I think which is a way of managing musicians. Most musicians aren’t in cost of their business enterprise, are not in demand of their funds or even the way they look or the way they’re perceived. So it’s just actually quick to tumble into that entice and be numb to every thing and hope your manager to deal with matters.

For me, the most punk rock matter is to be mindful. Due to the fact I’ve been conscious, I have managed to place out hundreds of new music and be a lot more open up to who I am.

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