What you should know about Santorini

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Beautiful Santorini

It is worth visiting Santorini if you love nature and especially the sunsets. If you want adventures and original experiences. If you like walking on sidewalks full of small taverns and art shops. If you want to test your endurance while walking near the cliffs or the volcano.

Nature and sunsets

The most beautiful sunset of the Aegean. It is no coincidence that Oia is flooded with cameras in the afternoon. Tourists, even perched in the most incredible places, are waiting to capture the unique sunset of Santorini. The sun sinking in the blue waters of the sea with the romantic colors of the setting sun.

Adventures and original experiences

You may have swum in the sea with golden sand, beige or even pink. But have you dived into the sea with black or red sand? In Santorini you can. The eruption of the volcano donated to the shores of the island the ashes that make each beach unique and absolutely interesting.

In addition to the numerous museums you can go to, you should not forget the Wine History Museum. Animated dolls that narrate and, undoubtedly, a lot of wine for the visitors.

On the road

It is neither too expensive nor so cheap, especially if the season in which you decide to visit Santorini is super touristy. However, you should not forget to shop for your home, for yourself or for your loved ones, locally produced works, such as paintings or wooden constructions. Do not forget to try the wine (required!), The meletini and everything else made from the delicious Santorini tomatoes.

Volcano and rocks

Opposite the main island of Santorini-Thira are Thirasia, Palea and Nea Kameni. The volcano. Where you can walk with your friends. Of course, if you are not so bold or daring, you can visit the hot springs of the volcano. Clearly, I would like to inform you that its last activity took place in 1950 and it has remained active since then, but how likely is it that you will go and explode?

I do not think so, so forget it too. But my advice to you is to be careful how you lead to the cliffs; cliffs that in some places end abruptly in the sea. However, you know, I do not want to intimidate you. Santorini is an amazing choice for your vacation!

General information that you would like to know

The climate of Santorini is the only one in the whole world: temperate desert. This means that it is always cold at night, but it rains a lot in winter and rarely in summer.

Perissa, Kamari, Fira, Imerovigli and Oia are the main tourist areas of the island. Of course, you can have fun in clubs and bars, spend all day on the beaches, take buses or donkeys, enjoy a relaxing afternoon in your hotel courtyard or “walk” on the “Wine Road” (there are relevant signs, you will understand).

Santorini for couples

White romantic suites, spa and private pools on the edge of the cliff and all this, against the backdrop of the famous crimson sunset of the island, which seduces anyone who visits Santorini and not unjustly, if you want my opinion!

This is – I know – the ideal setting for all couples in love who dream of a romantic vacation, with a dose of luxury in the Aegean, that we all love. The red color from the famous volcano that is there, “marks” everything around, while from the Caldera to the Red Beach, everything will remind you of a movie scene, highlighting forever this summer vacation!

Santorini’s sunset

Access to Santorini may be very easy for all of us and we are lucky to be able to admire the beautiful sunset whenever we want but it could not be missing from our list. The whitewashed houses that look like caves, the stone alleys full of bougainvilleas, the churches with the blue domes and the view of the volcano make Santorini a destination not to be missed.

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