They Passed the Ikea Test

They Passed the Ikea Test

Even the most loving couples can struggle to put with each other a basic Ikea bookshelf without the need of arguments and acrimony. But Amy Lai Wong and Michael Jastrzebski, who were married Nov. 29 at their home in Newark, Calif., bonded around much additional complicated assignments whilst operating jointly as the only two mechanical engineers at a technological know-how start off-up business in Silicon Valley.

“It’s actually exciting to develop stuff alongside one another,” Ms. Wong explained. “I guess which is the foundation of a good deal of what brought us alongside one another.”

During marathon classes of dilemma resolving and tinkering in the pressure cooker environment of a fledgling tech enterprise, they quickly came to realize they had far more in prevalent than a shared vocation. Both are East Coastline transplants to California. Mr. Jastrzebski, 32, was born in Poland and lifted in New Hampshire and Ms. Wong, 37, grew up in Brooklyn. The two uncovered English as schoolchildren in the United States.

It was the latter revelation that proved specially fateful.

“I variety of homed in on that,” claimed Ms. Wong, who graduated from M.I.T. and acquired a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford. “That working experience, I consider, is rather exceptional and staying equipped to prevail over that and discover that even though you’re going to college, for me that was extremely impactful.”

To mitigate the anxiety of perform, they commenced to train other terms and phrases from their to start with languages that pertained to their day-to-working day life in the lab. Mr. Jastrzebski shared “bez młota to nie robota,” which he around translated to “you can’t get just about anything accomplished without having a hammer,” and Ms. Wong supplied “ga yau,” a Cantonese expression of encouragement.

Once they commenced courting, in early 2013, Ms. Wong and Mr. Jastrzebski, who are now the two senior mechanical products structure engineers at Google, typically shifted back again to their typical language, engineering, to acquire their connection. Mr. Jastrzebski, who has no musical history or training, developed Ms. Wong a songs box that expected him to transpose a piece of one of her favored tunes and punch the notes into the box’s system by hand.

“I don’t forget some of my pals at the time stating, ‘Dude, you just fulfilled her and you’re giving her this. What are you heading to give her later?’” he explained.

For their one-month anniversary, Ms. Wong hand-sewed a Chinese dumpling and a Polish pierogi created from felt and stuffing to give to him.

For his proposal several years later, Mr. Jastrzebski, who graduated from Northeastern, built yet another, a great deal extra elaborate new music box. “I’ve gotten much better at creating things so the stage of gifts for Amy has enhanced in good quality,” he stated.

To find that music box, Ms. Wong experienced to consult with a machine encouraged by divination instruments the couple had encountered at Buddhist temples in Asia. It was built and modified by Mr. Jastrzebski to position her toward a unique drawer in the upper body he produced to accompany the device. Within the drawer was a proposal and directions to in which Ms. Wong could locate the audio box, designed to glimpse like a planter with a flower in it. With the touch of a heart-condition button, it unfurled to expose an engagement ring.

Their ceremony, broadcast to close friends and family by way of Google Satisfies, was performed in man or woman by the bride’s sister, Jennifer Lai Wong, who was ordained by American Relationship Ministries. She also acted as bridesmaid, learn of ceremonies and photographer. The couple’s canine, Pernie (limited for Copernicus) and Banana, served as ring bearers.

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