The Rich Are Preparing for Coronavirus Differently

The Rich Are Preparing for Coronavirus Differently

A luxe bunker, it seems, can get many forms.

Dr. Stein stated that an additional Sollis member, an heiress in Southampton, N.Y., crafted a medical isolation space complete with a ventilation technique.

The word “room,” however, hardly captures it. Dr. Stein mentioned it is geared up with a damaging tension system to restrict the circulation of pathogens, and is essentially an isolated guest wing consisting of a bedroom and kitchen stocked with IV hydration, medicines, lab provides, gloves, robes, masks, oxygen and food items, as very well as a set of dishes and linens.

In specified pockets of Silicon Valley, where tech-elite survivalists drool more than abandoned missile silos that were converted into luxurious bunkers, coronavirus is exactly the doomsday scenario they’ve been preparing for.

Marvin Liao, a former partner at the undertaking cash organization 500 Startups, has been stocking up on canned food items, h2o, hand sanitizer and toilet paper in anticipation of an outbreak, and has recently been scoping out a superior-conclusion air purifier called Molekule Air, which fees $799.

“I do not know if you’re at any time all set for this,” Mr. Liao stated of coronavirus. “But I believe that you’re possibly better prepared than a good deal of people, mainly because at minimum you have assumed about it and at least you’ve stocked up. Even worse comes to worse you are going to have a large amount far more cushion than a great deal much more men and women out there.”

Jon Stokes, a previous Silicon Valley prepper who left Silicon Valley for prepping causes (he life in Colorado now), echoed that sentiment. He claimed that he experienced stockpiled about 4 months’ worth of foods, and recently acquired a stethoscope and a pulse oximeter that measures the oxygen saturation in pink blood cells to monitor his household for signals of the virus.

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