The Art of the Vladimir Putin Photo Shoot

The Art of the Vladimir Putin Photo Shoot

There are photo shoots, there are presidential photograph shoots — and then there are Vladimir Putin presidential image shoots. Hardly ever has the chief of a global electricity embraced the staged publicity even now with these inventive, but clichéd, fervor, not just feeding the world wide drive for a caricature of himself, but in fact producing it.

Cue, for illustration, his hottest propaganda foray, unveiled by the Kremlin, as bilateral relations with the United States switch frosty, and with the Russian opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny’s description of Mr. Putin as a “Vladimir, the Poisoner of Underpants” however reverberating by way of the air.

In a series of shots of Mr. Putin on a weekend jaunt to the snowy Siberian taiga, the 68-12 months-previous president is demonstrated in his standard preferred out of doors location, exhibiting his relationship to mother nature, manly toughness and appreciation of region. In the vastness of the largely vacant landscape, he looms big. At minimum that was probably the idea.

He is, to be unique, caught — as if by chance! — looking serious and steely guiding the wheel of a camo-lined all-terrain automobile so large it appears very little could end it posing knee-deep in a snowy drift though carrying a plush-however-cozy sheepskin jacket, matching trousers and ivory turtleneck and searching piercingly towards the foreseeable future calmly navigating a rickety bridge above a frozen river with his defense minister, Sergei Shoygu, trailing behind and then having fun with a bracing out of doors picnic of sausages and crudités with Mr. Shoygu (who is carrying a matching outfit) at a desk covered in a white cloth, fur blankets tossed in excess of the benches and steel mugs raised in harmony.

Chilly? What chilly?

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