Review: In ‘Made for Love,’ She Can’t Get Him Out of Her Head

Review: In ‘Made for Love,’ She Can’t Get Him Out of Her Head

Cristin Milioti has claimed a curiously distinct character niche: lady escaping from twisted sci-fi trap. In the “Black Mirror” episode “USS Callister,” she was programmed into a simulation by her creepy boss. In very last year’s “Palm Springs,” she and Andy Samberg puzzled out how to split free of a time loop that stuck them in a vicious “Groundhog Day” rom-com cycle.

In “Made for Like,” a light-weight-handed and darkish-minded comedy of technological innovation, handle and gaslighting whose 1st three episodes arrive Thursday on HBO Max, the snare is all in her head.

As in bodily. As in implanted. As in a microchip.

Hazel Eco-friendly (Milioti) been given this undesired hardware upgrade from her spouse, Byron Gogol (Billy Magnussen), who runs a planet-dominating tech organization. (Feel free of charge to participate in all-around with the initially vowel audio in “Gogol.”) For 10 yrs, they’ve lived in a gilded cage — or instead a gilded cube, a digital-fact natural environment referred to as the Hub, secluded from the messy outdoors environment, with eternally ideal weather and a dolphin sporting in the swimming pool.

And for 10 yrs, Byron has developed extra devoted. Too devoted. “Have your wife assessment her biometrically recorded orgasms to better improve them” devoted. Finally, he decides that he loves her — and his technological innovation — so deeply that he and she will turn out to be “Users One” of his new products, Made for Love, which makes partners into two-human being neural networks, their brains digitally linked. No far more insider secrets, no more miscommunication, no extra private thoughts.

Who the hell would want that? you may possibly inquire, a dilemma “Made for Love” raises but does not solely reply. For the uses of the tale, what is essential is that Byron wants it and Hazel emphatically does not. This impels her to fly the dice, a madcap and violent escape with Byron seeing from at the rear of her eyeballs. (Turns out he implanted only her chip, not his: “I had to examine your diary 1st to know if I could enable you read mine.”)

Dependent on the novel of the identical name by Alissa Nutting, a writer and producer on the series, “Made for Love” plays out as a screwball motion satire, which most likely would make its chilling premise — patriarchy and techno-utopianism as two sides of the exact chip — go down simpler than it would as a straight drama. (Christina Lee of the mordant “Search Party” is the showrunner other producers contain Patrick Somerville of Netflix’s “Maniac,” with which this shares a skeevy-dystopian vibe.)

The metaphors are never far beneath the surface right here, like Byron and Hazel’s double-finger marriage ceremony bands, reminiscent of small handcuffs. And when Hazel seeks aid from her widowed father, Herb (Ray Romano), she finds him getting taken up a committed partnership with a intercourse doll — sorry, “synthetic partner” — named Diane. Their one particular-way marriage is an echo of what Byron is seeking to make Hazel into, a wife machine, but it’s also oddly tender and respectful.

“Made for Love” is rarely delicate, and its cautionary tech tale has been explained to repeatedly in “Black Mirror” and elsewhere. But it is playful and humorous and virtually momentum-pushed more than enough to get away with hand-waving absent its many implausibilities. Among the those people is the issue of why Hazel, introduced as a wily, resourceful skeptic, would have been swept off her feet by Byron, who from their initially meeting throws up sufficient crimson flags for a large slalom class.

The casting helps set this over. Milioti, with her appeal and anime eyes, is an pretty much much too-excellent rom-com-guide form. (She broke out on Television set as the title figure in “How I Satisfied Your Mother.”) But she smartly performs versus that form in tales that subvert expectations. Her Hazel is crafty, feral and sardonic on the lam in flashbacks to her married existence in the Hub, you can pretty much hear her scream powering her 10,000-watt smile.

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