Playing the ‘Green Lottery’: Life Inside Colombia’s Emerald Mines

Playing the ‘Green Lottery’: Life Inside Colombia’s Emerald Mines

I was half a mile into the mine shaft, and my coronary heart was racing. Hunched underneath the very low ceiling and rarely equipped to see, I was next along by listening to the splashes of the men’s methods in entrance of me. The h2o, dripping from earlier mentioned, was up to my ankles. Then we stopped. We’d appear to a lifeless stop, a person of the miners claimed. In purchase for us to proceed, they necessary to set off some dynamite.

In a make a difference of minutes, many packs of explosives had been drilled into the mountain and completely ready to be detonated. I was advised to open up my mouth and not close it until finally the very last of the dynamite had exploded.

The blasts began, and I sensed the mountain groaning about me. Then: finish silence. Ten seconds later, as the dust commenced to settle, one of the miners shouted, “Lets go! It’s time to see what we received.”

Significantly less than a thirty day period before, I was living a comfortable daily life in Dubai. Even though I was born in Colombia, I left the country at age 18 to show up at higher education in the United States — and, since then, had adopted my get the job done in other places all over the world.

Currently, nevertheless, I felt the have to have to reconnect with my nation. Conveniently, an acquaintance in Dubai realized a respected emerald vendor and mine owner in Colombia. He invited me to visit and witness some of the country’s mining operations.

The miners I visited reside and get the job done in the office of Boyacá, which is 6 hours by auto north of Bogotá, the country’s money. Boyacá sits on a department of the Andes recognized as the Cordillera Oriental. Listed here, hidden in a collection of small mining cities — Muzo, Chivor, Otanche, Peñas Blancas, Coscuez — are some of the most precious emerald mines in the globe.

It’s no key that the miners in this area get the job done in difficult and usually risky disorders — some in sanctioned and regulated places, some illicitly. They labor underneath the threat of collapsing mines, slipping rocks and temperatures in excessive of 110 levels.

Despite the threats, quite a few of the miners speak to me about their function with pleasure, as if buoyed by a sense of tradition.

The economics of the trade can change significantly. Some miners operate informally and independently, scouring particles fields or venturing into unregulated mines — and profiting straight from the sale of stones to merchants or gem carvers.

Other folks formally get the job done for mine entrepreneurs or mining firms. These miners may possibly be paid out steady salaries or make commissions on the stones they come across. (The particular conditions of the financial arrangements — irrespective of whether the miners are paid out upfront, for illustration, or only after a stone is offered to a merchant, carver or shopper — frequently count on the amount of have confidence in between the house owners and the miners.)

The severe actuality inside of the mines is contrasted by the grandeur exterior them: the smell of the clean up air in the mornings, the ever-current seem of the rivers, the imposing peaks of the Andes.

All through the dry period, miners established up small tents by the river to defend on their own from the extreme sunlight. After lengthy hours of function, they rest in see of the amazing magnificence that surrounds them.

In excess of the course of the five times I used with them, the miners shared a great number of tales of how the emeralds, and the bordering mountains, had modified their lives.

A person miner, an older guy who lived in a modest home, claimed to have manufactured exorbitant sums of income on several choice stones — only to have squandered it all, he mentioned, forcing him to return, reluctantly, to the mines.

Some others have found relatives users and close friends killed all through the rigorous fighting — much of it tied to the illicit emerald trade — that took location here in the mountains for the duration of the 1980s. And some have just been ready patiently for many years, hoping that a person working day they’ll come across an emerald that will transform their life.

Many of the gentlemen I fulfilled described mining as a gamble and an addiction. The mines, they stated, are like casinos in the center of the Andes: 1 stone could adjust it all.

And finding this kind of a stone, they say, is eventually what they stay — and are keen to die — for.

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