Love Letter: Bridging a Cultural Divide

Love Letter: A Marriage Bent but Not Broken

Since the pandemic hit and lockdowns began, some couples have observed that concerns they earlier swept less than the rug have nowhere to disguise. Soon after 25 yrs of marriage (and 25 times sheltering in area), Michelle White’s spouse moved out of their property and into an Airbnb two miles away. The pandemic introduced to gentle tiny holes in the cloth of their marriage, but it also gave them room and time to mend.

It’s that time of year once again — the time for red-and-pink paper hearts and flowers, and cards and sweet galore. Nonetheless, the pandemic has put the period of above-the-leading romantic gestures on pause for some. Even partners who generally go all out for Valentine’s Day are scaling again their celebrations, even though some others are heaving a sigh of reduction.

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