Judge John Hodgman on Wedding Traditions

Judge John Hodgman on Wedding Traditions

Brandon writes: My fiancée, Ashley, is in opposition to wedding day traditions like the garter toss and specifically the “cake smash,” where by bride and groom smear frosting on each individual other’s encounter. But I’m a major supporter of these traditions! Remember to get a cake-smash compromise.

The least complicated and most just route is to split the change: Ashley shoves a piece of cake in your facial area, the finish. But it is best you understand early that beneath the icing of negotiation, marriage is actually various layers of zero-sum-recreation sponge cake. Massive queries — irrespective of whether to have kids, where to dwell, what to have for dinner on Wednesday — will frequently appear down to deep, immovable desire that are not able to be solved by compromise but by a single-celebration surrender. The trick is to suss out these contentious factors right before you are officially smearing just about anything on each individual other and then share the surrenders equitably.

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