How to Cut Your Own Hair With Trimmers

How to Cut Your Own Hair With Trimmers

How can you give oneself a buzz reduce? Listed here, permit us display you.

  • Clippers with guards, which connect to the clippers and regulate the length of a minimize

  • A mirror, in addition maybe another mirror or a phone.

  • A garbage bag or towel

  • A comb or hair choose, dependent on your hair kind

One particular notice: Yes, you can use whichever you have. A beard trimmer or even (clear!) dog clippers can do the job. If you have clippers but no guards, just know that you will have a quite quick reduce. A beard trimmer operates, but will consider much more time.

Michael Gold, a normal assignment reporter on The New York Moments Metro desk covering news in the New York Metropolis area, agreed to check out it at dwelling. Desiree Marshall, a barber who performs at Classic Adult men barbershop in Brooklyn, walked us through how to do a simple buzz cut.

Prepare your perform region

Get started with clean up, dry hair that is no cost of any gel, pomade or conditioner. Go over on your own with a towel or rubbish bag so you don’t get hair all in excess of yourself. If you’re cutting over a sink or counter, take into account placing down a rag or paper towels for a lot easier cleanup (or to not clog your drains). Situate you in entrance of a mirror. It helps to have someone reduce your hair for you, as they will have a greater check out of your head, but it is attainable to do this by itself. And if you’re beginning with extended hair, it may possibly be handy to pull it into a ponytail and chop the extra hair off with scissors prior to commencing the excitement slash.

If you have straight hair, wavy hair or hair with looser curls, use a comb to brush the hair on the leading of your head forward toward your brow. Comb the back again and the sides downward and comb by any knots, if you have them. If you have tremendous curly, thick hair or an Afro, use a choose to comb the hair out as entire as feasible.

Pick YOUR Personal Adventure

Ideally, you’re utilizing clippers with a guard for your desired length.

Right here is a short guideline:

  • If you want a really shut-to-the-scalp slice: select no guard.

  • If you however want to brush your hair, but not have to do a lot with it: select guard quantities one particular to a few. (The selection will fluctuate depending on your hair texture and thickness.)

  • If you want hair prolonged sufficient to pull with your fingers: select guard quantity four or greater. (Any guard down below a 4 will usually final result in hair far too short to brush by way of with your fingers.)


Turn your clippers on. Start from the brow and excitement the hair back to the crown of your head.

You want to hold the trimmer so the blade is flat versus your head. Likely in smaller sections, slowly and gradually move the clippers from 1 end to the other — you will have to go over sections a several occasions to get an even glimpse. If you are using a software other than clippers, this method could take longer. Generally use light strokes.

To do the sides, go from your sideburns again to the crown.

For reducing the back, guideline the clippers from the foundation of the neck to the crown, heading in opposition to the direction your hair grows. If you’re executing the reduce your self, this is wherever you will use a hand mirror to see what you’re performing to the again of your head.

Never ignore your ears!

Seem in excess of your get the job done in the hand mirror, examining for spots you might have missed. Be confident to fold your ear down so you never pass up slicing the spot all around and at the rear of your ears. At the time you experience you’ve obtained an even appear, you are performed.

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