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Creative teaching methods to make your classes interesting

Creative teaching methods to make your classes interesting

Most children are getting easily bored while they are in the classroom or in their private lessons –ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα– and they lose their interest. The traditional and classical methods of teaching are no longer addressing the needs of today’s children as the evolution of technology has had a great impact of their everyday lives.

This is why teachers nowadays need to change their way of teaching and make it more interesting and creative. We created this article in order to present the different ways that teachers can use to catch the attention of their students. With this in mind, it is important that education systems become more flexible, more adaptable, more creative and more innovative.

Project Based Learning

The traditional teaching method requires students to follow a predetermined timetable, in which they attend various classes and participate in various assignments in each lesson. By focusing students on one task at a time, you allow all your students to combine their collective knowledge into a technique called Project Based Learning. This method allows children to combine all the themes into one big project.

Let your students take control

In most classrooms, teachers are in complete control of the flow of lessons, while students will sit, watch and note accordingly. This is an extremely outdated and ineffective technique that suppresses the student’s ability to teach themselves. By allowing students to learn on their own while teachers remain on the sidelines to provide guidance and information when needed, students can learn at a much higher rate of growth.

Allow room for conversations and dialogue

It is often referred to as the Harkness teaching method. This technique is used in classrooms to allow open discussion. Instead of the traditional desk series, children are arranged in a circle, so they are motivated and encouraged to take control of their own learning, develop ideas and solutions with other students, and share their views.

This helps them exchange opinions, learn from others and disagree. Their horizons broaden and they become better human beings as they learn how to listen to others while at the same time being taught either important ethical lessons or their subjects.

Let your students be independent

This technique is also commonly referred to as the Pestalozzi method. Instead of traditional teaching methods where students have to give direct answers to direct questions, this method allows students to find the answers by exploring the questions themselves. This technique teaches students many different skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and gives them opportunities to develop their own abilities.

Instead of giving the answers away to the students, you as a teacher need to let them get to them by themselves. By building a “case” and putting their mind at a state of rapid function, they learn how to solve their problems which is a much needed skill in everybody’s life.

Teaching through concepts

Imagination is a powerful factor in education. While it is true that facts are facts and should be taught, concepts are just as important when it comes to educating children. Through teaching in the form of concepts, you open students’ minds to new thoughts and ideas and lead them once again to develop skills such as problem solving and critical thinking.

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Use modern teaching tools

There are countless applications, software platforms and websites that can help students learn more effectively in the classroom. The use of innovative tools that open up opportunities for group discussions, allows children to reflect on each other and help stimulate overall creativity. Children nowadays are attached to technology so do not forget to follow their pace!

Are you a teacher?

If you are a kindergarten teacher, a music teacher, a middle school or high school teacher, the steps and methods we mentioned above are for you. When you are starting to use them in your classes, the children will be more confident, independent and will really appreciate your methods after they graduate.

It is very important to change your methodology for the sake of your students. Even if you do not follow the traditional methods for a couple of days it will not hurt them. It will benefit them and allow them to be prepared for their everyday life outside of school.

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