5 Smartphone gadgets you really need

5 Smartphone gadgets you really need

Smartphones – thikes kiniton – have really made our lives a lot easier by introducing many features and applications to us. The everyday life of people who are using technology either for entertainment purposes or for work purposes.

There are many gadgets for your device in the market that can really improve our experience with the smartphone you are using. Keep reading to find out more about 5 smartphone gadgets you really need.


20 Pin USB type C magnetic breakaway connector

If you have had an ugly experience with a data cable that was pulled and caused your phone or computer to crash on the ground, then you really need to hear me out on this. Save your computer and phone by using this type C magnetic breakaway connector.

It works with a plug in type c adaptor which has a strong magnet n the outer side. All you have to do is to simply plug the other end to your phone and let it click on the magnet. This way your phone charges or you can transfer your files while it does not bend. And if you forget and pull your phone, nothing happens! It just snaps away!

It will protect both your expensive MacBook and our phone from dropping on the floor. It is going to prevent your phone screen from crashing and save you tons of money. It is also a great idea for a gift to a clumsy friend who always has tangled cables around the house.

You can easily find it on the internet for quite a low price.

Zendure SuperTank USB type C portable charger

Who doesn’t need a portable charger? Even f you do not normally use one, you definitely need it when you are going on a trip or on a long-hour flight. You have to make sure though, that the charger will sufficiently charge your phone at least once.

Nowadays, phone batteries are getting bigger and that means that you won’t be able to charge your phone completely with a 1.500 mAh power bank. What you need, is the SuperTank USB type C portable charger.

It has the awesome capacity of 27.000 mAh which can charge your phone, tablet and even laptop! It can charge your 15 inch MacBook at full speed and add a nice 8 hours to its function. The power bank can also fully charge an iPhone Xr seven times!

With this one you can also charge your smartwatch, Bluetooth earphones as it supports a low-charging power mode. It comes with two USB type C ports and two USB- A ports which make it easy for multiple devices to charge at once.


Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

If you have been searching for a pair of quality earbuds then we have found one for you. If you are the type of person that uses wireless earbuds for a workout, a walk or even at work, then the soundcore liberty pro are for you.

Their audio quality is great as they fit great in your ears and they are very comfortable. Believe me when I say that because I only talk about things I have tried myself. Their case is very light and you are not going to have any trouble carrying it around with you.

Their battery life is also important, as they can play music for 8 hours and the case can offer you 32 hours more. The latter is recharged by a type c USB cable and can also support a fast charging feature. In 10 minutes your earbuds will be ready to accompany you for another 2 hours.

Pretty amazing huh?

Tile Pro & Slim

We all know someone who constantly loses their stuff. Keys, wallet, phone, you name it and they will eventually lose them! Or maybe if you are this person then you need the Tile Pro and Slim in your life.

What they do is the following: you stick them on your phone, backpack, wallet, basically anything you do not want to lose or you use them as a key ring to your keys. They have a built in battery and you have to connect them to your phone by using the special and free app.

They are pretty small and after a while you won’t even notice them. They have a Bluetooth range that varies from 61 meters to 122 meters and a one year battery. When you notice that you cannot find some of your stuff that have the Tile on them, simply activate the app and a beeping sound will lead you to your lost things!

You will never miss the bus again because you spent time looking for your keys!


Phone case with built-in battery

If you are a smartphone owner then you know how awful it is when you run out of battery and you really need your phone. Especially users of iPhones or other phones with low battery capacity, often find themselves searching for a power socket to plug in their charger.

It is okay if you are at a friend’s house, at work or anywhere that you can plug in your charger, but what about those times that you are on a bus, at the subway or you have forgotten your charger at home? We have got the answer for that.

You should get your hands on a phone case with a built in extra battery. These cases are a bit bulkier – yes we admit that they are not the most flattering cases- but you are going to be able to fully charge your iPhone with the simple press of one button!

They come in many designs and colours and you can find them online or at some stores too. These cases are a bit expensive, but remember, you are not going to carry your charger or your power bank never again! Just grab your phone and you are ready to go!

Overview of the 5 smartphone gadgets you really need

The products we mentioned above are a great way to make your everyday life  or your travels with your smartphone easier. Most of them are available online and they are pretty affordable too. You can also take inspiration and gift them to your friends and family, as they are very useful.

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